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GrowingPros uses a number of techniques to encourage physical and skills based development for children.
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About Us

Play is the natural form of learning for children because through playing they acquire vital skills. Growing up we had no access to technology so our natural form of play involved more outdoor activities than the children of today and, as a result of this technologically dependent upbringing, social, physical and psychological difficulties have become more common. GrowingPros intends to build on this natural form of learning by focusing on integrating play with physical development which will benefit the child both inside and outside the classroom. A child’s overall growth and wellbeing is determined by their emotional, social and physical development and can influence the young adult they will become.


GrowingPros vision is to become a renowned brand that parents and children alike will associate with FUN, ACTIVE, HEALTHY LIVING as well as POSITIVE LIFE-LONG HABITS.


We aim to BUILD CONFIDENCE and DEVELOP SKILLS to help your children reach their true potential as they continue to develop through childhood into adulthood.


We give your child the platform to develop themselves as individuals and to learn essential skills in an environment that cultivates both PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT as well as PSYCHOLOGICAL  GROWTH.


Our approach to training will allow the children to develop a VARIETY OF SKILLS that will give them the ability to participate in whatever physical and sporting endeavors they may want to try as they get older.

Our Programme

We seek to bring the very best out of each child. Our aim is to deliver EXCITING and PRODUCTIVE sessions that bring with it a new challenge each week to MOTIVATE and build SELF-CONFIDENCE.

8 years EXPERIENCE in child development and still going strong. Our passion for working with children is what inspired us to create GrowingPros.


Children need 30-60 minutes of training each day. Each of our 30 minutes lessons will keep you child ENGAGED in physical activities whilst still having FUN.

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING. We do not intend to expose your child to merely one specific sport but rather to encourage a variety of SKILL BUILDING with the use of dynamically structured exercises.

We use a PROGRESSIVE system whereby our programmes start at the very basic for each appropriate age group and through the year the programmes become increasingly more challenging as your child’s SKILLS ENHANCE.

BRAIN GYM a holistic approach to exercise and learning designed for children to coordinate their brains and their bodies better by finding an equilibrium between both sides of the brain and the body.

Each lesson which is delivered by our HIGHLY trained, ENTHUSIASTIC coaches who are committed to bringing out the very BEST in each child in every lesson. They are trained to use the necessary equipment to ensure a SAFE and EFFECTIVE teaching environment.

We keep our training under constant review to maintain the best QUALITY lessons possible. We are endorsed by a PHYSIOTHERAPIST as well as an OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST.

Brain Gym Benefits: Improved Concentration Improved Memory Improved Reading Ability Improved Manners Ability to follow Instructions Neater Handwriting

Programme Benefits: Gross Motor Movement Balance & Agility Hand Eye Coordination Self Confidence Core Strength and Development Upper Body Strengthening Scapular & Shoulder Strengthening Spacial Awareness Posture Ambidexterity Social Interaction Team Work

What we do

Private Sessions

We hold private sessions in a few select gyms across Johannesburg. These sessions normally take place in the afternoons after the school day. Private sessions give your child more individual attention as there are a maximum of five children to one coach. This allows us to cater to your child’s specific, individual needs. Sessions time slots are based on age groups so booking is essential. Please contact us for a gym near you.


We run an extramural programme for schools across Johannesburg. Our sessions are delivered on the school premises and take place each week at a time set forth by the school. Each session is 30 minutes and the children are active for the full 30 minutes to ensure they are getting the most out of each session. We keep a ratio of a maximum of ten children to one coach to maintain the best possible quality per session.


We do parties for children of all ages. We have fun, active games that will keep the children entertained for hours. We can tailor our package to your child’s individual needs. Please contact us for details.



What they said about us


  • 4 Term Schools

  • R500per term
    • Public Schools
    • Once Off Registration fee – R 200
    • GrowingPros T-shirt
    • Cash or EFT Accepted

  • 3 Term Schools

  • R665per term
    • Private Schools
    • Once Off Registration fee – R 200
    • GrowingPros t-shirt
    • Cash or EFT Accepted

  • Once Off Payment

  • R2000per year
    • Full Year Registration
    • Once Off Registration fee – R 200
    • GrowingPros t-shirt
    • Cash or EFT Accepted

Contact Us

076 917 1424

072 427 0615

56 Hurleyvale Avenue
Edenvale, 1609